Wall painting child’s bedroom supports child growth phase

Child is a miracle from God. The happiness of child tends to be the happiness of the parents too. In the growth phase of the child, there are some components, which can support to generate the best result of child growth phase. Parents always want to make their children clever, healthy, smart, brave, strong, responsible people in order to become a kind person who can survive in the future. So that, children can protect their parents and love their parents.

Growth phase is very important. This phase may affect child development, both in terms of development physically or biologically. We can support child growth phase with decorating wall painting in child’s bedroom.

Supporting child growth phase with decorating wall painting in the child’s bedroom

Animals wall painting child's bedroom decoration

This animals wall painting child’s bedroom decoration teaches child to love the environment and know vocabularies of animals. We can see several pictures in the wall painting, such as: giraffe, panda, bird, butterfly, grass, trees, and mountain. It will help child to improve the ability to memorize some vocabularies about nature, especially about animals.

Dream as ballerina in child's bedroom wall painting

This ballerina wall painting can give the special meaning to the child life. This is what is said by “the law of attraction” from the secret book by Rhonda Byrne that mentions “thoughts become things”. It means that the imagination, the illustration, and the dream-whatever it is- can be the true. In this case, this wall painting will influence the spirit of child to reach the dream. As long as the child sees the wall painting, the child will feel the spirit and automatically encourage the child to make the dream come true. It can be called a dream child bedroom.

Homemade wall painting in child's bedroom

Moreover, in making the wall painting in the child’s bedroom, it is better to involve child in making this drawing. The cartoon idol picture can make the children enjoy the time in the bedroom and do the activities indoors under supervision of parents. The supervision of parents is also the important thing in the child growth phase.

Try and feel the spirit to get the better growth phase!

For other inspirations of wall painting, you can see the pictures below:

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