Theater room design ideas with beautiful and amazing stage

Opera house or we can call it as theater is the place to perform the art performance like drama and another art performance. It has the important role for the success of a performance. Theater room design has a special concept on the acoustic. Acoustic is the concept of how the voice happens. The goal in considering acoustic is to make the sound produce perfect, so that it can be successful performance.

Adorable stage and auditorium design ideas

popular theater room design with great stage design

Fultom Opera House in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

Theater room is usually divided in some parts. They are reception, auditorium and stage. In this case, we will discuss about the main performance stage and audience area or auditorium.

There are several models of theater stage design. Those are ring stage with axis centered on the stage and combination of arena stage and performance stage. Here are the kinds of theater room design:

hexagon theater room design

Ring stage with axis centered on the stage
This ring stage aim is to give the close impression between audience and artist. This arrangement requires modern stage. The auditorium shape can be round, square, rectangular.


elegant arena stage and performance stage combination for theater room design

Arena stage and performance stage combination
In this case, the roll panel set up in round (cyclorama) which will close some performance room. The roll panel is usually installed between the auditorium and stage.


audience seats for theater room design

it is the room for the audience. The sitting arrangement can be formed in round or curved shape.

melodic theater room design for concert hall

Another part should be noticed is the lighting in the audience area and lighting in the stage.

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