Outdoor private swimming pool design and the consideration

Having a private swimming pool at home is exciting. Swimming pool is not only as an entertainment and family recreation, but also can bring the more comfortable atmosphere at home because of gurgling water sound and fresh air. Furthermore, It can make the house look more beautiful and exclusive.

Bringing the luxury and modern touch through beautiful outdoor private swimming pool design

sweet outdoor private swimming pool design inspiration

To create swimming pool we should consider several things. Those are land, home design, and soil structure. The factor will affect the concrete durability.

We should also consider several factors for swimming pool location. Those are house design, the extent of house, sun direction and even the neighbor’s house location. However, most pools are usually placed in the back of house to maintain privacy of homeowners. However, it doesn’t matter if you want to put in front or even in the side of your house.

warm small round outdoor private swimming pool design inspiration

Pool design should be adapted to house building to make it harmonious. For classic house, you can use classical form with conventional square. If you have enough land, you can choose freely pool design as desired.

luxurious outdoor private swimming pool design inspiration

For children’s pool, you should use an oval design to avoid children injured by sharp corners. For narrow land, you can use square shape because the design is more efficient than the circle shape.

extravagant outdoor private swimming pool design inspiration

Making the pool is also not released from the use of material. Material is one of the safety factor which must be considered when creating swimming pool. As we know, pools often cause problems such as slip or fall because of slippery floor. To make it not slippery, you can use natural stone surface for an option. Avoid using sharp-pointed rocks because it can injure our body. For earthquake areas, do not forget to estimate the rift risk with more attention to the casting system.

prestigious outdoor private swimming pool design inspiration

We can utilize space on the edge of pool to be a relaxing area. Sunbed, umbrella tent, dinning table set can be presented if it is appropriate. Providing a special place for exercise in the outdoor area can also be taken into consideration-for example, by placing fitness equipment in the semi-outdoor area. Sports activities will be more refreshing and enjoyable.

Placing dining furniture sets beside the swimming pool as an outdoor dining design is a great inspiration.  We can make a party there. Moreover, if we also design an outdoor kitchen to complete the dining and make an outdoor living room to relax with friends, it is perfect ideas for the open area decorations.

lavish outdoor private swimming pool design inspiration with modern lighting

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