Modern and luxury holiday villa designs to rent-Lännersta

contemporary holiday villa designs to rent in Swedia-Lännersta

What do you think to enjoy your holiday with your big families in holiday villas which has the magical place and adorable view? It must be a very interesting experience. Lännersta villa can be the accurate choice to spend your holiday. Well, Swedish villa offers the wonderful sea scenery of 7,450 m2. The main building has the area of 308m2 divided into two living rooms, six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a dressing room, a quest lavatory and a basement in two floors. The room are designed with 3-glazing insulating window as the natural ventilation. It is also completed with geothermal heat and a fireplace.

beautiful decorating ideas for basement family room in Lännersta villa

Modern family room designs in Lännersta villa

A fireplace in the family room can add the warm atmosphere which will help harmony families feel the togetherness and fun. You can add other articles in the top of the fireplace beside the candle holder and the lamp, such as marble furniture. A marble furniture can bring the luxury atmosphere inside. This sitting arrangement can be used when you have big members of family. The chairs near the fireplace are suitable to read books while you feel the warmth. After finished reading the book, you can put your book in the table between the chairs which has two functions as the book rack and a table. The black and red chairs use the soft material which will make you enjoy staying along in the family room. The wooden furniture brings the natural nuance into the family room, such as: chair, table, door and the floor.

contemporary living room design ideas for rent in Lännersta villa

Contemporary living room design in Lännersta villa

You can feel the natural air in this living room because of the 3-glazing insulting windows. This is the spot on this living room design that will serve you the fresh air circulation around the living room. Good air circulation means good health. It is a simple design showed from the furniture used. The chair is made from wood in three colors- white, dark brown and manila. The netting rattan chairs look so great and make the natural nuance in the living room.

modern dining room tables to rent in Lännersta

Panoramic dining room design in Lännersta villa

From the dining room, you can look at the beautiful sea view like in the outdoor dining room. This is a very magnificent thing to enjoy the meal while enjoy the natural view. The natural touch can be felt here from the sea view and the furniture used, while the luxury comes from the horse statue in the middle of the dining room.

simple bathroom designs in Lännersta villa

Luxury bathroom designs in Lännersta villa

Although it is created with the natural and contemporary concept, the glamorous can be found in this bathroom. Entering this bathroom, guaranty you will be feeling all right.

cheap shoreline properties in Lännersta villa in Swedia

Shoreline design in Lännersta villa

masculine stair design ideas and toilet interior design in Lännersta villa

Sailor bathroom toilet design in Lännersta villa

You can look this amazing shoreline. This shoreline has two rooms and a kitchen. It offers the great view and interesting place near the water. The kitchen is designed by Godin with built-in cabinetry, marble kitchen tops and an exclusive range. The strong jetty to accommodate a steamboat and lighthouse.

natural sea view holiday park in Lännersta villa

Beautiful sea view in Lännersta villa

Looking at the large land and the big building, it can be used to accommodate for 1-2 families. This holiday accommodation has private water and sewer. So you should not be worry about the sanitation. You will not regret for staying in this here. This residential house is close to the city. via

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