Contemporary and elegant outdoor living room design ideas

Outside arena is always interesting and fun to be explored. The beauty and comfort will be more perfect to enjoy together with family or relatives. Various fun activities can be done outdoor. We can make this outside arena as a magnet, then conjure it become an entertaining spot. Fresh air and natural light which are provided by this outdoor area bring an enjoyable and fresh atmosphere.

Outdoor area as a solution for fresh outdoor living room


flawless outdoor living room design idea

The lounge where we frolic with family can be presented in the outdoor area. Outdoor atmosphere will experience warm and more relax to chat. We can talk casually, receive guests, watch TV, read books, and other light entertainment activities.

amazing outdoor living room design idea

You can try this natural outdoor living room with half-open wooden wall and rattan chair. The wooden floor and the nuance gives the extraordinary nuance for your life. It helps provide comfort in your life. You can do some activities here with your family.

neat outdoor living room design idea

In a tropical country, it is better to keep the outdoor living room with permanent roof. Half-open walls and roller blind can bring outdoor atmosphere and also reduces tampias impact if it rains.

magnificent outdoor living room design idea

The open-space area will be nice shot as a luxurious outdoor living room design idea. The furniture choice should be considered as well. You can choose the material which is resistant to water and direct sunlight. Try to use stone, marble, or metal material for your furniture. These kinds of material will be more durable although affected by sun exposure continuously.

exotic outdoor living room design idea

When the winter comes, you certainly feel lazy to be outside because of the cold air. If you need warmth, you can equip your outdoor living room with fireplace that will help you get warmth while enjoy the beautiful and natural scenery outside. Then, when summer comes, the fireplace can be the decorative furniture which will give the add-value.

inexpensive outdoor living room design idea

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