A strategic trick to make adorable front office for hotel

Travelling will not be complete without staying in a hotel or other kinds of guest houses. Then, the most important part for each hotel is how they attract the guest to lodge in the hotel. The guest who comes from another part of city or country-or we usually called it tourist or foreigner-who doesn’t know well about the town where they are-will see the appearing of the hotel in deciding which hotel will be stayed. So that, here is the strategic trick to make adorable front office for hotel design ideas.

Just one thing must do!

Design your most creative  and adorable front office of your hotel!

You can try this adorable front office for hotel design ideas:


Adorable front office with delightful light for the guest

You can try these lights adding in designing your front office. The light shape is just like square light which is put on the wall where there are some dull squares. The light will allure the foreigner to stay in the hotel.  It will add the artistic value and give such modern touch in your hotel.

Adorable front office with good looking centre

Good looking centre of this room makes the front office more adorable. It is made of brass, which is formed vertically with some interesting bump. It is like what we call as metal decoration. It can give the modern atmosphere in the room because it is shiny.

Adorable front office with decoration in the floor and the roof

You can see the decoration made in the floor and the roof. There are such a sparkling thing in the roof. We can make it as the lamp which is combined with something sparkling that can emit light like iron. On the other hand, you can see the artistic floor decoration that balance with the circle on the ceiling decoration. It makes harmonious and beautiful atmosphere because the dark colors used in the floor decor will make attention center focus on the luminous ceiling. It is completed with the beautiful and elegant ceiling light.

Adorable front office with the white statues

Statue will add beauty to the front page of the hotel. The use of statue can also be used to decorate the front office. The statues placed in front of the front office can make your hotel more attractive. The statues can give the touch of art in the adorable front office.

Adorable front office with the wooden decorations

The wooden decoration can give the natural touch in the front office. The natural touch can influence the good feeling of someone. Foreigner comes to the hotel to relax. So that, it is a good choise to make your hotel in the fresh and natural nuance. The natural concept can be applied not only in the front office of the hotel but also in the bedroom with natural and fresh atmosphere.

The modern adorable front office in minimalist style

This minimalist front office style can be used for the solution of the narrow space. It recently used because the minimalist style become popular now. Moreover, minimalist model can bring the elegant and elite nuance in your room. So that, although it is narrow front office, it looks smarter and clean.