Comfortable n healthy carriage bed model for baby’s bedroom

“Mom will give birth soon!”. It is the sweet awaited moment for every parents-to-be. Parents will certainly prepare the best for their children, preparing all about the baby’s needs. Preparing the baby’s bedroom and the baby’s furniture are very fun activities. Either male or female baby, the comfortable and healthy baby’s bedroom is the most important for this preparation. In addition, a special baby’s bedroom design will add its own value in welcoming the baby’s birth.

Carriage or cart bed is the unique design for baby’s bedroom with the palace nuance. It can be used for both boy’s baby bedroom or girls baby bedroom design ideas. Here are some carriage bed which can inspire you to design your baby’s bedroom.

Comfortable n healthy cart baby’s bedroom design

Wagon bed design for child's bedroom

Pink carriage bed design for baby’s bedroom

This bed model is adopted from the carriage shape. This pink cart model is suitable for female baby. The carriage baby’s bedroom is the opulent one.


Carriage baby's bedroom design

Cart bed design for baby’s bedroom

This carriage baby’s bedroom design is the cutest bed for baby. The wall painting gives such a palace nuance. The cart bed is so luxurious. Arranging the use of room color and baby paraphernalia with contrasting colors can stimulate baby’s vision sense.


White elegant carriage bed model for baby's bedroom

White fun and cart bed design for baby’s bedroom

This white carriage bed will be your baby’s favorite bed. Child will have so much fun in this cute cart bed design. So that, child will sleep soundly.

Comfortable carriage bed design for baby's bedroom

Make sure that there is a window for air circulation in the baby room, so the dirty air will be changed with clean air. With the good air circulation, the baby will be healthy. Moreover, make sure also the baby’s bedroom has adequate lighting, so that condition of the baby’s room is healthy.

White fun cart bed design for baby's bedroom

The location of the nursery room is better to be placed in adjacent to the parents’ bedroom, so parents can monitor and maintain and easier to know if the baby cries because of hunger or bedwetting.


Preparing and decorating the nursery can be a fun activity when it be done with your couple. Do not hesitate to experiment with unique shapes that you can draw on the wall. It’s gonna be so much fun!


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