Camp concept in children bedroom for active children

One of the characteristics of children according to Brumfit (Teaching English to Children, 1997: v) is children need physical movement and activity as much as stimulation for their thinking in order that children can grow better. Camping can be the selection model to stimulate their thinking and to activate the child. The campers usually enjoy nature, use a tent and involve the usage of primitive structure like a campfire. For the scouting lovers, camping is the activities to teach self-reliance and teamwork. Basically, camping is an outdoor recreatioanal activity. However, we can bring the campsite into the bedroom. Let see the pictures below which adopt the camp concept into the bedroom. It can be used to facilitate the active children.

Using tent in designing bedroom for active children


Green and orange camp concept for active children bedroom

This camp concept for active children bedroom blends the green and orange color. The tent and staircase give the impression of campsite. Children can move actively with their physical movement to stimulate their thinking. This concept gives support in children growth. Children can play cheerfully, move freely and sleep soundly inside the tent. This camp concept bedroom can be used for twin children bedroom because they can sleep under or above.

Bright camp concept in children bedroom for active children

This colorful camp concept can be designed for active children bedroom. It looks like the modern campsite which is accommodate the children interest in striking color like red, purple, yellow and green. This feminine pink camp concept consists of the tent and staircase. Children can play indoors comfortably. The tent can be used for the place to play or even to sleep. This attractive design is so cute for girls. For the appropriate air circulation, it is better for children to sleep on the top.


Indian tent camp concept for active children bedroom

The tent in this picture is adopted from the Indian’s tent. This tent is so cute with the white color and the triangle shape completed with the wood for each side.  The base for this concept should be improved with the thicker base. You can add the base with the thicker bed in order that the children can sleep soundly there. However, don’t forget to open the door of the tent. It will help the air circulation manage well.

For more camp concept in children bedroom for active children, see these picture:

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