Best Preparation for New Parents in Completing All Baby Need

Becoming new parents is so delightful and fun. All parents needs are preparing the good way to teach and becoming good parents. Not only that case should be prepared, but also all of the baby equipments, baby needs and baby furniture should be provided.

Who would have thought that kind of baby gear was very diverse and as much as adults. Although not all the equipment should be provided at the same time, but choose the safe equipment type is our responsibility as parents. Seeing the large number of baby equipment available, create business opportunities in this field even thrive. The number of clothing stores and baby gear is greatly increased both offline and online stores. Various brands and price options available become more varied and makes us more difficult to decide which stores are providing a complete, quality, and with very affordable prices among the stores for our baby furniture that exist today?

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Before we decide the store, we should first figure which type of equipment needed by our beloved babies. Hopefully, these kinds of baby equipment lists can help new parents in preparing the best and complete baby needs:


Suits shirts trousers + pants
Short sleeve tops
Pop pants / shorts
Jumper / rompers
Pants leg cap (optional)
Sock gloves
Socks / shoes
Cardigan / jacket / sweater
Baby hats
Towel handkerchief
½ dozen
1 dozen
1 dozen
1 ½ dozen
4-6 pairs
1-2 pairs
½ dozen
2 dozen
2-3 pairs
½ dozen

Baby Dressing and Bathroom Equipment

Buffer / bath seats (optional)
Waterproof shower for pedestal dressing
Anti-slip rubber mat
Big baby towel
Washlap / gloves towels
Sponge bath (optional)
Soap bath
Baby lotion / baby cream
Baby oil
Baby cologne
Diapers cream
Powder + the place
Telon oil
Wet tissue
Cotton buds
Baby comb + brush
Baby nail clippers
1 pack of newborn diapers
Round cotton

Baby Sleep Equipment

Boxes / crib / baby bed
Sheets, bumper / safety, mosquito nets/curtain
Baby blanket
Big Waterproof
Small waterproof
The baby monitor

Baby Eating & Drinking Supplies

Milk bottle nipple
Sterilizer / saucepan to boil the bottles
Clamp to take the nipple & bottle
Soap and brush to wash the bottle
Boxes for storing bottles
Milk powder container
Bottle warmer
Milk bottle tipped spoon to give milk or fruit juice
Training cup
Baby eating utensils (spoon plates, etc.)
Citrus squeezer, grater & filter
Food processor or juicer or strainer to soften the baby food
Dining chairs

Additional Baby Needs

Straw nose (nose cleaner)
Alcohol 70%
Diaper bag (optional)
Play pens [a place to play]
Baby bouncers (baby lounge chairs)
Travelling Baby Needs
Stroller / pram
Baby carriers (slings)
Car seat
Carry cot

After determining the baby gear you can start to buy  them on offline or online stores that offer a lot of quality baby gear at affordable prices. Safety and convenience are the main ones for the petite, so consider carefully what kind of equipment should be available to adjust your financial capabilities. Give the best for your baby!

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