Best modern home theatre room design ideas

neat modern home theater room design ideas

For those who have watching movie hobby, it will be so fun to have a personal home theater. They can watch movie as long as they want. Moreover, watching need is now not only as a recreational but also as a lifestyle. We can bring home theater in our modern house. A home theater room generally has a special component, such as: video display, sound system and the furniture.

Having a personal cinema is a great way to spend time with family. Its presence will provide a modern alternative entertainment in the dwelling. Moreover, having a personal home theatre at home can help to save money and decrease recreation budget for the family member. The transportation budget for entertainment needs can also be trimmed out. With home theater, TV room equipment budget or even Workspace can be integrated because it usually has the same items.

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When you have your personal home theatre at home, you can be free to design or add some interior and personal watching equipment. Private home theater can be designed with vintage style, modern, contemporary or traditional. For example, if you golf lovers, fresh green artificial turf will fit into your carpet.

Having a private cinema room at home will directly improve family togetherness without anyone else. In the public cinema, you have to wait to buy tickets, or choose the seat, or even will be disturbed by other people’s expression. On the other hand, there will be no bad experience like that in a private home theater.

Business property is one of the money fields that will never die. Personal cinema investment will also increase the value and resale value occupancy of the house. More and more people will be aware of the need for the economic, practical and fun personal entertainment like this.

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Tips to design home theatre


  1. Make sure the home theatre is quite spacious for relaxing.
  2. Place seating furniture in the middle of the room so the view directly to the screen.
  3. Modify the interior walls and ceilings in the home theater.
  4. You can add the leg stool in front of the sofa to be an alternative way of an automatic sofa-bed.
  5. Light Dramatization and glass table can be added as the furnishing accents to make a luxury touch.
  6. Room contours should be made terraces and conical to provide a maximum view while watching.
  7. Use the main lighting in the middle or back of the home theatre room. Dimmer lights would be beautiful in the side of your TV set.
  8. Make sure the whole system works well. Use a single remote access to make it more practical.
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