Article collections for pink bedroom decoration

After we presented about feminine pink bedroom design ideas, now we serve you to see the pink decoration for your pink bedroom. Somebody says that bedroom is usually the portrait of the personality’s owner. Let’s make your bedroom the better and the more beautiful bedroom with placing the pink article collections:

Pink decoration for your pink bedroom

1. This flower wall decoration collection is suitable for pink bedroom. It will beautify the pink bedroom which sharpen the feminity of yours.

Flower wall decoration collection for pink bedroom


2. This chic picture frame decoration for pink bedroom enhances brilliance of the pink bedroom. You can change the picture with your photo.

Chic picture frame decoration for pink bedroom


3. This floor mat for pink bedroom decoration is cute. Girls is always full of love. Pink and love is so fitting with teenage girls.

Pretty floor mat for pink bedroom decoration


4. This pink flower lamp can be placed in the table or in a place next to your bed. This is cute idea for pink bedroom decoration.

Pink flower lamp for pink bedroom decoration


5. This bookshelf which is figured resemble home is the scenic idea to decorate the pink bedroom. You can put some articles or books there.

Home bookshelf for pink bedroom decoration


6. This bullets clock consists of some green and pink bullets. Let it perfect and decorate your pink bedroom.

Bullets timepiece for pink bedroom decoration


7. These pink diamonds is not the original ones. It is just the imitation.  You can place it in the table to give sparkle to your pink bedroom.

Pink diamond for pink bedroom decoration


8. This ball window shades is the cute choice to be hung in the door of your pink bedroom. Don’t be excessive to use it. Two lines are enough.

Ball window shades for pink bedroom decoration







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