26 Baby boys bedroom design ideas with modern and best theme

Decorating baby boy’s bedroom can be a challenging experience. Start from thinking about the ideas, themes and furniture. We will be really proud if we have all we need before marriage. The important thing for some young couples is a dream home, especially when the couples have son or daughter. If we have our own home, we can design the dream home based on our need and want. minimalist or modern? You can choose home design as you wish.

blue baby boy room decorating ideas

Home design will never be escaped from the owner interest. Adult bedroom design for adults may not be as complex as kid bedroom design. Baby boy’s bedroom design will tend to have more masculine style.

The bedroom is the most private room for someone. All creativity will unconsciously develop from the bedroom. Especially for children who still need means for developing creativity and talent. Start from their bedroom, children’s creativity can develop from the little things to the great one gradually.

According to some researches, bedroom design unconsciously will form children mindset, creativity and attitude. Therefore, the baby boy’s bedroom design is an important thing to be noticed by parents.

police theme for nursery themes for baby boys

If you have a girl child, design her bedroom as sweet as possible. If your child is boy, bedroom design, which is appropriate. For baby boy bedroom should bring out the masculine theme. Different with baby girl bedroom, baby boy’s bedroom is not decorated with cute pink accessories. The masculine characteristic automatically will affect in the masculine article choices.

They will be very happy if their room is ornamented with “male” articles as action figure, gun miniature, game or sport. Color and wallpaper choices will also be very different from the girls’ bedroom.

modern baby boys nursery ideas

Boys would be happier if his room was painted using bright colors, but masculine one, such as blue, or even they would likely choose to paint the walls with white color only. The boys usually prefer a poster of his favorite stars than wallpaper such as the sport athlete image.

Sometimes parents are often dizzy if their children stick posters in their room because it will make the room untidy. However, parents should not need to worry because the idol image will motivate children to do the same thing as the star idol did in reaching their dream. For example, the dream bedroom in sailor theme can inspire children to become a sailor. It can be prepared since infant.

sailor theme baby boy bedroom design idea

Little things like poster and various accessories will bring a huge impact on children psychological development. Men tend to be lazy than girls, but the posters and various accessories in their room will encourage them. What a perfect effort, parents!!

Color Psychology

Physiologists explain four primary colors: red, green, yellow and blue. Although it is not known exactly why people like certain colors and color combinations, but clearly, each color has the different character. Color are known to have effects on humans since the past, but recently it has been used extensively in the world of automotive, fashion, games and so on.

Cotemporary baby boys nursery ideas

Red color symbolizes the psychological state of subtracting energy, encouraging more rapid pulse, raising blood pressure and speeding up breath. Red color has the effect of productivity, struggle, competition and bravery.

blue baby boy room ideas

Blue color symbolizes the perfect tranquility, having a soothing impression on blood pressure, pulse, and breath.

fresh baby boy nursery themes

Yellow color symbolizes joy. This color has flexible and relaxed character and often procrastinating problem, changeable but full of hope, spirit and have a big dream.


green baby boy bedroom decorating ideas

Green color symbolizes the great desire, fortitude and perseverance. It also has the strong personality and power. This color has the properties of increased pride sense, feeling superior to others. People who like this color generally love to be praised and please to advise others.

Gray color is free from the psychology tendency. These colors tend to be neutral.

Horor baby boy's bedroom design ideas

Black color symbolizes the life that they cease and give the impression of emptiness, death, darkness, destruction, break and extinction.

These colors often show traits: less tolerant, pessimistic about the future welfare and happiness.

This color is a mixture of red and blue colors that symbolize the hard strike character. The combination of intimacy and erotic or lead a deep and sensitive understanding. It is a little less rigorous but always hopeful.

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